Was den Lichtschutz von Duette so besonders macht

There are many options for light protection in your own home or office. Some people like heavy curtains, others like light blinds or blinds. But hardly any other product offers such first-class protection, provides such pleasant light and looks as good as a Duette honeycomb pleated blind.

Modern light protection with honeycomb pleated blinds

Duette honeycomb pleated blinds are an ideal liaison of light protection and moderate incidence of light with a wonderfully homely look. In contrast to many curtains or blinds, the light is not completely blocked, but filtered twice. This creates an effect that lets your rooms appear flooded with light, but without dazzling or causing unsightly reflections. A honeycomb pleated blind is the best decision for living and working spaces that should be bright and friendly, but protected from light.

Soft light for leisure and business

The honeycomb structure of Duette’s pleated blinds ensures glare-free light and conjures up a pleasantly soft atmosphere in every room. Even in very strong sunlight, the incidence of light remains moderate and the lighting mood is just right for feeling good or working effectively. Many private customers, but also companies, medical practices or shops trust this modern light protection, which not only ensures productive, but in some cases even sales-promoting light. By the way: Duette honeycomb pleated blinds are available in different fabric qualities as well as day-night combinations for a wide variety and individual design options .

The secret: no annoying holes

A small, but nevertheless very important detail is repeatedly mentioned with praise by customers. A Duette honeycomb pleated blind does not have the same holes that the cords are attached to in conventional blinds. In direct sunlight, these often create annoying points of light on screens, walls, furniture or directly on the face. This is not the case with Duette’s light protection. The cords are woven directly into the honeycomb structure. So there are no holes and therefore no disturbing points of light. A small but extremely effective detail that makes the Duette honeycomb pleated blinds even more pleasant.

Why light protection is so important

Studies show that the type of light has a major influence on productivity in the workplace, but also on well-being at home or in waiting areas. Bright light irritates the eye, leads to tearing and, in the worst case, to headache. Too little light, on the other hand, often leads to fatigue and also reduces productivity. Good light protection can be just as effective as a good room climate, an ergonomic office chair or comfortable clothing.

If you are also looking for good light protection for your home or office, then you should also take a look at a Duette honeycomb pleated blind.